A team
of PRO engravers.

For more than thirty years DELFA PRO has been dealing with laser, mechanical and artistic engravings, die-sinking and wire EDM, production of marks, cutting dies for leather and application tools in brass, copper and steel. The experience and the passion for this world has let us grow, becoming an internationally recognized excellence.

Our fields

or finished product?

From the sketch to the definitive sample, including materials and surface finishing.
DELFA PRO offers quick samples developed in every detail. This allows producing small quantities, mini-series or even the single finished piece.

Our long experience allows to manage these needs and to turn any problem into creative solutions which add value to each single project. As a matter of fact, we offer a complete service, which includes the graphic design, the prototype and the finished product.

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Developing and growing with every new challenge.

Our growth and evolution brought us to face a very important issue for us: sustainability.
We strongly believe that a smart approach to the industrial production can significantly contribute to the environment. This approach consists in saving energy, recycling materials and using eco-friendly materials.

The challenge that our long experience and the professionality of our team is facing improves us, making of us an international excellence. The integration into the FIXO Group has created an international network under a unique commercial direction.

FIXO takes care of the customer in every part of the world, responding to every technical, project, logistic, administrative or fiscal need.