Our equipment, our know-how but most of all our long experience allow us to work in a wide range of fields, from the luxury to the industry.


Not all processes are equal for details and finishing, but the features of the materials and of every single technique are universally shared. Thanks to our wide experience in all the range of works and materials we can offer high quality industrial accessories.

Leather goods

Function and aesthetics, resistance and detail: these are the keywords of a field which requires the highest design and production standards, both for hot stamping and for engraved accessories to integrate to the leather goods.


Clothing and prototyping go hand in hand. The samples that we can offer to verify dimensions, materials and finishing of the end product are our strength.
We offer high quality samples, in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and assets.


Like the leather goods, also the accessories for the footwear must comply with high quality standards, both for small works and for hot stamping and engraving. Know-how and productive integration allow us to produce high-class accessories.