Wire and sinking EDM

EDM (electric discharge machining) is very used in the mechanical industry and consists in removing the excess material using the erosive capacity of electric discharges.
EDM can be of two types: wire and sinking.
The wire EDM consists in cutting and profiling the piece through a tense conducting wire which acts as electrode.
The sinking EDM consists in the immersion of the piece and of the electrode into a liquid called dielectric fluid; a series of stationary discharges causes the material erosion. The desired form is obtained through a 3D electrode.
Unlike the cutting or the turning, EDM allows to realise every volumetric geometric shape, without using any mechanical effort strain to block the piece and guaranteeing a great precision even with high quantities. Moreover, it isn’t particularly influenced by the material hardness: this allows to choose among a wide range of materials, including the hardest ones.

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Wire and sinking EDM